Speaker Profile

Stephen Gutekanst (they/them)


No, it’s not Tom from Myspace - it’s me, Stephen (aka @slimsag)!

Professionally, my career has been in building developer tools, large-scale code/text search, language servers, etc.

I’ve been building Mach engine (the Zig game engine & graphics toolkit) for ~2 years now.

FOSS is in my roots and I believe we should own our tools, they should empower us-not be part of the ‘open source’ game which is all too prevalent today, including in ‘open source’ engines. I am building Mach as FOSS for people like you and me-it needs to genuinely be software you can love.

My dream is one day to live a simple, modest, future earning a living building Mach for you and creating high-quality games for everyone.


Intro to 2D Gamedev with Mach Engine
Day 0 - Optional Workshops (Tue) • 09:30 • 6h