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Stephen Gutekanst (they/them)


No, it’s not Tom from Myspace - it’s me, Stephen (aka @slimsag)!

I’ve been building Mach engine for a little over a year now-so that anyone can create games, visualizations, and desktop/mobile apps in Zig. The goal is to be competitive in spirit with Godot/Unity/Unreal, but more composable, data-driven & tooling oriented.

Professionally my background is in building developer tools (~8 years at Sourcegraph), but FOSS is in my roots and I’ve been dreaming of creating games and being 100% beholden to individuals long before that.

Besides living two lives (full-time startup job & working on Mach ~40h/week), I care for a small army of 8 cats.

Come find me, say hello, and I’ve got Mach/Zig stickers for you! :)


gkurve: simpler vector graphics
SYCL Talks Day (Sun) • 11:30 • 45m