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Hi there. I have been fascinated with computers for a very long time, and have been working on some project or another for the past 10 years or so. My interests have always varied, but as of recent I’ve focused my efforts on operating systems, programming languages and tooling.

Professionally, I’ve worked on a variety of projects, both freelance and full-time (mostly boring CRUD apps in the end though :). My hobby projects are my happy place where I can shave all the yaks I could want without worrying about the real world.

My most recent project is zigSelf, an implementation of the Self programming language in Zig.

You can visit my blog where I occasionally post about things I’m interested in, and also check out my GitHub.


That Time I Tried Porting Zig to SerenityOS
Zig Talks Day (Fri) • 14:00 • 45m