Speaker Profile

Mindy Preston (she/her)
Identity Function, LLC


I’m Mindy (she/her), usually known as yomimono on the Internet. It means “something to read”, and I chose it randomly from a deck of flash cards. I still like it, but it sometimes gets me confused for a language-learning application, which I am not.

I mostly work in OCaml on making cross-stitch patterns, MirageOS, property-based testing, fuzzing, or tooling for any of the above. I design and sell cross-stitch patterns, kits, and finished pieces, a nonzero number of which represent network protocol headers.

I live in Madison, WI, USA, where I’m working hard to become the best cat bed I can be.


CLI Tools Are Not Inherently User-Hostile And I Will Die On This Hill
SYCL Talks Day (Sun) • 14:00 • 45m