Speaker Profile

Karsten Schmidt


I’m an independent software engineer, computational designer, artist and prolific open source author. Starting in the deep end of the early 8-bit demoscene, over the past 30 years I’ve been adopting a transdisciplinary way of working and been applying this mixture hands-on together with a large number of collaborators, clients and companies, incl. most recently senior roles at Nike (2016-2021). In the past I’ve been consulting, writing and teaching workshops about topics related to creative coding, generative design, functional programming, data visualization, code literacy, open source culture. I’m the author of 250+ open source libraries & projects, contributor to several large open source projects (incl. Processing & Clojure) and contributed to books about programming and graphic design.

My work has been exhibited internationally, including MoMA & Whitney New York, Science Museum London, Barbican Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tekniska Museet Stockholm, CAFA Art Museum Beijing etc.


Bottom-up Design: Growing a personal ecosystem of tools for creative coding
SYCL Talks Day (Sun) • 10:30 • 45m