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Isaac Freund (he/him)


Hey, I’m Isaac. You may also know me as ifreund on various online platforms.

A few years ago I was dissatisfied with the current state of Wayland desktop environments on Linux and decided to write my own. I was originally going to write it in C, but decided to give Zig a try and see if worked for me. One thing led to another and before too long I ended up working on the Zig compiler as well.

These days I work on TigerBeetle as an independent contractor and spend the rest of my time on various other open source projects including river, Zig, wlroots and more. I’m also finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University.

To balance out all that time spent sitting in front of a computer, I’m an avid hiker, boulderer, and bassist. I love live music and nary a month goes by in which I don’t make it to several concerts.


Balancing Flexibility and Complexity in River
Zig Talks Day (Fri) • 15:00 • 45m