Speaker Profile

Anthon van der Neut
Software development manager


Anthon is the creator of ruamel.yaml a YAML parser/dumper that tries to maintain the human readability advantages of YAML. He also created the original C implementation of ordereddict for Python2, and setuptools-zig which allowed him (and you) to use the zig compiler for Python extensions in his daytime job since Zig version 0.7.0.

In his past life Anthon programmed Algol60 using punch cards; installed Microsoft Xenix on a PDP-11 (and developed his first command-line utilities on that mchine); upgraded his Atari ST by desoldering the CPU allowing him to add a floating point coprocessor (and made the Modula-2 compiler use it); developed 3D modeling and 2D editing software while moving between three continents; headed the development of the compositing software used for StarWars; and was member of the board of Europython.


A Python command line parser you can love
Day 2 - Systems Programming (Thu) • 14:00 • 45m