Italy Travel Ideas


In this page you will find some places that you can visit as part of your trip to Italy.

One way you can make the most of your trip is to get a return ticket that leaves from a different city than Milan.

As an example you could stay 2 extra days: on the first one you travel from Milan to Venice (maybe stopping in Verona), while on the second you visit Venice in the morning and leave from VCE in the afternoon.

The following map shows travel times by train.

Half a day

These are locations that are very fast to reach and that you can explore on the same day that you have to fly back, assuming you have an afternoon flight.


Monza is a tiny, even more concentrated version of the Milan city center. If you like pedestrian streets filled with shops and cool buildings, then you will love Monza. Also if you follow F1 / MotoGP you will probably know what else can be found in Monza :^)

Travel tips

At :43 of every hour a fast train from the Milan Central Station leaves for Monza. It takes roughly 10 minutes for that train to reach Monza.

NOTE: The ticket required to reach Monza is an “extended” Milan public transport ticket. Normal tickets cover zones 1 to 3, while Monza is part of zone 4. You can get a ticket that covers zones 1-4 at any public transport ticket vending machine present in metro and train stations. Don’t forget to validate your ticket!


Como is a lakeside town. Interesting enough in its own right, but even more so because from its port you can reach Bellagio, which is the kind of place where James Bond would be at the beginning of a new movie, so to speak.

Travel tips

The same train that reaches Monza (plus a few more) will also reach Como. Travel time is a little under 40 minutes. You will want to stop at either Como S.Giovanni or Como Lago.

NOTE: Unlike Monza, Como is not covered by Milan public transport tickets. To get a ticket to como you will need to find a Trenord ticket office or vending machine. You will be able to find them inside the Milan Central station (ground floor), and any other train station.

One or more days

For reaching these destinations you will probably want to get a fast train ticket. It’s not a bad idea to do the booking in advance to save some money as those tickets can get pretty expensive.

Fast trains are operated by Italo (recommended) and Trenord.


Closest airport: Verona is half-way between BGY and VCE, so you might want to consider it a stop on the route to Venice.

Verona is on the route to Venice and hosts a few famous attractions such as the respective houses of Romeo and Juliette (yes, the Romeo and Juliette), the Verona Arena, and Torre dei Lamberti.


Closest airport: VCE.

Doesn’t need any introduction.

The area around Venice is famous for having the best Spritz you can get.


Closest airport: FLR.

It pretty much still looks the same as seen in the second Assassin’s Creed. Among the things that you will find there are the David of Michelangelo, Florence Cathedral, and Giotto’s Campanile.

Florence is also famous for serving very thick steaks, called “Fiorentina” (literally Florence-style steak). They also like to eat saltless bread, for some reason.


Closest airport: FCO.

A more chaotic, more Italian (and more dirty) version of Milan. Rome is home of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, and Roman Forum.


Closest airport: NAP.

Even more chaotic than Rome, Naples is famous for its pizza, Mount Vesuvius, Pompei, and the island of Capri. It’s also the starting setting of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.