Location Info

Days 0 - 1

UNAHOTELS Scandinavia
Via Giovanni Battista Fauchè, 15
20154 Milan, ITALY
(google maps link)

Days 2 - 3

Cinema CityLife Anteo
Piazza Tre Torri, 1
20145 Milan, ITALY
(google maps link)

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From Zig MiLAN PARTY (April 2022)

Duomo, Milan

Welcome to Milan

While you're in Milan, make sure to enjoy some of the local attractions. Climb on the roof of the Duomo, take a stroll through the Sforzesco Castle and its park, or visit Brera, Milan's art district. Milan also hosts the original Last Supper.

If you're looking for a place to have a drink, check out the Navigli area, one of Milan's main nightlife hangouts. Not sure what to get? Try an Aperol Spritz!

These are just some ideas, so make sure to use the Discord server to learn about what other attendees have discovered, and if you like what they're doing, join them!

Welcome to Italy

Milan is one of the most European cities of Italy, which comes with its own set of pros and cons, meaning that you will have to travel deeper into the peninsula to learn the ultimate truth about Italian food. But traveling to other Italian cities might be worth it even if you're not in search of culinary enlightment, as each will have something unique to offer.

All major cities in Italy are connected by a railway system equipped with express trains by Italo (recommended) and Trenitalia, allowing you to reach places like Florence or Venice in a couple of hours.

See a few travel ideas.

Killesberg Park, Stuttgart (Germany)

Welcome to Europe

Coming from another continent?
All major European capitals are one short flight away from Milan.

And if you prefer trains, check out Interrail.