All Calls for Speakers will close on June 30, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.


Thank you for considering to speak at SYCL. The deadline for submitting applications is June 30, 2022 at 23:59 UTC. You are free to apply to both day of talks (Zig or SYCL). You can also apply more than once to each track, but we kindly ask all applicants to each submit no more than 4 talks in total.

Talks are all 45min long at most, including Q&A. This means that if you want to have 10min of Q&A, then your talk must not be longer than 35min.

Accepted speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to the main conference (i.e. workshops not included).

Call For Speakers - SYCL

We’re looking for speakers who can help us define what is Software You Can Love through their insight and experience.

While talking about code and software design is in scope, SYCL is not a user experience conference. We’re not interested in learning how to place buttons on a UI as much as we’re interested in learning how software design impacts users on a larger scale.

The ideal SYCL talk will bring a new perspective to the audience about the dynamics behind the creation of software and how to ride the tides of economy, communication, society and whatever else might be needed to achieve better outcomes. While we prefer to keep an upbeat tone, we’re also open to cautionary tales about situations that you’ve seen have a negative impact on software itself or on the ecosystem surrounding it (teams, community, users, …).

For more information about themes relevant to the conference, read the SYCL 22 announcement blog post.

One final type of talk we’d love to host is anything related to the relationship between technology and art, be it an opinion or even a simple showcase of an existing tool that supports the creation of art.

Application form link.

Call For Speakers - Zig

We’re looking for talks about Zig and programming more in general.

Some ideas:

The ideal Zig talk is a “vertical slice” in terms of difficulty: it should start by spending up to a third of its length introducing the subject to bring newcomers up to speed, and it should end by teaching something new to the audience, but without inundating it with arcane trivia of no practical use.

This request is motivated by the fact that we only have one day of Zig talks (on a single track). With more talk slots it would make sense to have introductory, intermediate and advanced talks; but for now we have to make do.

Talks that help answer the question of how to make it more enjoyable to produce elegant solutions are more likely to be accepted. For more info, read the SYCL 22 announcement blog post.

Application form link.