Intro to 2D Gamedev with Mach Engine

Day 0 - Optional Workshops (Tue) • 09:30 • Duration: 6h

NOTE: Workshops require a separate ticket!


In this introduction to 2D gamedev, we’ll cover everything you need to make simple 2D games in Zig using Mach!

No previous gamedev experience is required. In the morning 2-hour session we’ll briefly touch on the basics and more intermediate concepts:

  • Introduction to modern graphics APIs
  • What shaders are and how to work with them
  • 2D sprite rendering
  • Audio rendering
  • Working with an entity component system
  • Connecting the pieces together

Then after a casual break for lunch, we’ll have more learning and open development time for working on your own 2D game.

By the end, participants will have the basic foundations of a 2D game and a clear idea of how to continue building it!

Those already familiar with gamedev who wish to learn more about Mach, advance beyond the group a bit and/or work on a low-level 3D game instead may do so.


  • General programming experience
  • Basic experience with writing Zig code
  • One of the following:
    • macOS laptop
      • macOS 11+
      • Apple Silicon or Intel
    • Windows laptop
      • Windows 10+ (7 may work, but will require testing ahead of time.)
      • DirectX 11 or greater
    • Linux laptop
      • Wayland or X11
      • Functional Vulkan drivers
      • Modern ‘Desktop’ distribution preferred
      • Fancy nixOS and other special setups can work fine, but may require a bit of testing/debugging in advance

Before the workshop, you will be asked to build and run a hardware-check application we provide to confirm graphics/audio/input are working with Mach on your system.