Step back, Dive deep: Finding Insight through breadth and depth

Day 3 - Software You Can Love (Fri) • 11:30 • Duration: 45m

All technological breakthroughs are made because of some insight. Steam power was inspired by insight from the kitchen, chemical structures were discovered through insights from theology, and mathematics is driven by insight, from within and without. Computers and software are much the same.

This talk explores various breakthroughs in computing and the insights that led to them. We see that some of these insights come from studying the problem deeply, breaking or modifying the models and abstractions that have been established. Other insights come from studying other unrelated fields, and drawing insight that can then be applied.

This talk is a clarion call to be curious, an invitation to explore the great ocean of things to be explored, and a reminder that magic can be found in the places that you least expect.