Day 2 - Systems Programming

Registation Opens
08:45 • 30m, by Loris Cro
Day 2 Welcome
09:15 • 15m, by Loris Cro
Hybrid-Level Programming
09:30 • 45m, by Richard Feldman
Data-Oriented Design Revisited: Type Safety in the Zig Compiler
10:30 • 45m, by Matthew Lugg
Linking can be fast (if you cheat): Roc's Surgical Linker
11:30 • 45m, by Brendan Hansknecht
A Python command line parser you can love
14:00 • 45m, by Anthon van der Neut
Nea: A webserver that never allocates
15:00 • 45m, by Folkert de Vries
Defeating the Optimizer: How to Write (and avoid) Unoptimizable Code
16:00 • 45m, by Martin Wickham
Day 2 Closing Notes
17:00 • 15m, by Loris Cro