Stay Together For The Kids: Why System Package Managers and Language Package Managers Struggle to Cooperate

Zig Talks Day (Fri) • 09:30 • Duration: 45m

Despite both parties sincerely having users' best interests in mind, we often see bitter conflicts from people representing the other group. This largely comes from a difference in perspective: one represents users of the application, and the other represents users of the system.

This talk will cover the story of me working to get Groove Basin, a music player server written in C and Node.js, into Debian, and some of the amusing problems that arose.

From there we will talk about the concerns of package management in general, including security, identity management, decentralization, stability, and various other tradeoffs. We will examine popular package managers during this process and see how they relate to each other. Finally we will explore the design decisions, whatever they may be at the time, for the upcoming Zig package manager.

I believe, with some marriage counseling, we can find strategies for System Package Managers and Language Package Managers to not only coexist, but thrive, making life that much better for their users.