The list is incomplete as the Call for Speakers is still open.

Day 0 - Optional Workshops

May 14 (Tue)

Note: all workshops start at the same time.
Intro to 2D Gamedev with Mach Engine
09:30 • 6h, by Stephen Gutekanst
Learn How to Build C/C++ Projects with Zig
09:30 • 6h, by Andrew Kelley

Day 1 - Social Tinkering

May 15 (Wed)

This is the day you get to hack on your badge!

Day 1 Welcome
09:00 • 15m, by Loris Cro

Day 2 - Systems Programming

May 16 (Thu)

Day 2 Welcome
09:00 • 15m, by Loris Cro
Hybrid-Level Programming
09:30 • 45m, by Richard Feldman
Linking can be fast (if you cheat): Roc's Surgical Linker
10:30 • 45m, by Brendan Hansknecht
Defeating the Optimizer: How to Write (and avoid) Unoptimizable Code
16:30 • 45m, by Martin Wickham

Day 3 - Software You Can Love

May 17 (Fri)

Day 3 Welcome
09:00 • 15m, by Loris Cro
Maps and Yellow Pages
10:30 • 45m, by Motiejus Jakštys
Abstract Factories, Zygomorphisms, and You: The Role of Social Interaction in Language Ecosystems
11:30 • 45m, by Edoardo Vacchi
Closing Notes
17:30 • 15m, by Loris Cro